Librarium Associates Ltd. is an independent research company focusing on global macro and geopolitical monitoring and analysis. We are committed to delivering distinctive insights on global trends enabling our partners and clients to make informed decisions in a changeable world.

We offer global accredited investors such as asset managers, family offices and institutional investors with quarterly and annual publications providing an independent overview of global macro economic and geopolitical events and their implications on the world of investing.

We also provide intra-monthly event driven insights as a part of our constant horizon scanning services.

Our services can also be employed on a retained basis, providing the client direct & always confidential access to our team on an on-going basis allowing us to act as an independent sounding board for our clients ventures.

Furthermore, we can also produce exclusive client commissioned stand-alone reports across a number of broad areas.

We prefer to work with a relatively small and select group of active clients allowing us to provide them and their projects with our full attention and as such we operate a limited amount of such partnerships.

It is our opinion that computer models are great but they are best used for confirmation of ideas,not as the starting point. It takes a human mind to truly understand human activity. As politics, economics and investing are human endeavors there is a degree of predictability involved in regards to behaviors exhibited in any given situation.

In the end, the only real tools we are left with is common sense, intellectual curiosity, imagination and hard work, guided by our models and a keen appreciation of history.

As Albert Einstein put it; ” As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain they do not refer to reality.”

The World is no different from any other object in that we can make more sense of it by viewing it from different angles.

Our diverse team of independent thinkers apply their different experiences to any given subject and through open and spirited dialogue we attempt to map out likely paths and events. We feel that the most practical way to imagine the future is to question the expected and our conversations often conclude with the question; What if we took the opposite view?

The core of our method is to look at the constraints placed on individuals and nations, to see how they are generally forced to behave because of these constraints, and then to try to understand the unintended consequences those actions will have.

In the words of Niccolo Machiavelli;

“One change always leaves the toothing for another.”