We live in interesting times, staying curious yet with an all-important sense of critical and independent thought is crucial. It has served mankind well for millennia. At the Librarium we strive, with these qualities at the forefront of our mind, to sift through the sands of time.


Our objective is to distill unique perspectives, from variant perceptions on diverse subjects pertaining to global macro economic and geopolitical trends and the likely future paths.


Armed with these insights we set out to assist sophisticated investors with navigating the journey ahead, circumventing risks and maximizing opportunities, en route to their goals. 

Our Work...

We produce two regular reports within our ‘Pieces of 8’ Series; The topical ‘8 Pages About…’ & the quarterly ‘Around the World in 8 pages’.


We make these available to select institutions & individuals as a way to commence a dialogue about the World we all share.


We value your readership & feedback.

The Librarium Associates monthly ‘8 Pages About..’ series is a publication created by our team focused on topical current issues that we feel warrants a deep dive.


We will sift through the sands of time and distill unique perspectives from variant perceptions on diverse subjects that we feel deserves our client’s attention.


The presentations are brief and easy to digest while providing the reader with plenty of food for thought. 

The Librarium Associates quarterly ‘Around The World In 8 Pages..’ series is a quarterly publication created by our team focused on geopolitical and macro economic trends and developments around the World during the last 3 months.


As long-term thinkers we draw on the lessons of history as a guide to understanding the present and charting the probable paths ahead. There are no crystal balls but in the words of A.W. Pinero; “The future is only the past again, entered through another gate.”


It’s our mission to glean valuable insights from history and apply them as a foundation for understanding the journey ahead. 

"A Calm Sea never made a skilled sailor."

- Proverb

"Wisdom is the daughter of experience."

- Leonardo Da Vinci .