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Librarium Associates Ltd. is an independent research company focusing on global macro and geopolitical monitoring and analysis. We are committed to delivering distinctive insights on global trends enabling our partners and clients to make informed decisions in a changeable world.


We offer global accredited investors such as asset managers, family offices and institutional investors with topical monthly reports, quarterly reviews and outlooks as well as dedicated advisory services.


We draw on diverse sources of information in order to provide an independent overview of global macro economic and geopolitical trends and their potential implications for global investors.



“In 1898 Adolphe Rette wrote the following; "We are living in a storm where a hundred contradictory elements collide; debris from the past, scraps from the present, seeds of the future, swirling, combining, separating under the imperious wind of destiny." I came across it on my travels many years ago and it has stayed with me since. It illustrates to me the importance of focusing on that which you can control, mainly how you choose to react to the vagaries of “the storm” and secondly it reminds me to stay intellectually humble about what is knowable and what is not. My path is to sift through these sometime contradictory elements as they collide and detect patterns and probabilities, it’s a never-ending puzzle and it’s one that I enjoy.“   


Sune hojgaard Sorensen

Mr. Sune Hojgaard Sorensen founded Librarium Associates as a vehicle from which to explore the world, drawing on; his varied experiences around the globe, his intellectual curiosity, a driven pursuit of variant perceptions from a wide array of sources, a deep bench of diverse contacts across continents and industries and over fifteen years of experience in the investment industry in a multitude of roles and across asset classes, in order to consistently be able to provide unique insights that frame path probabilities, developments and future trends into clear and defined ideas that in turn enable sophisticated investors to make superior decisions.


"Always drink upstream from the herd."


- The wise herdsman

Our Approach...

We are constantly engaged in active horizon scanning while adhering to our belief that students of the lessons of history and permanent features such as geographic realities can provide superior insights.


From these broad scenarios we work to identify investable trends and specific opportunities. We find that such a broad approach provides an ‘early alarm’ system for risk management and an indicator of attractive price/value situations across asset classes.


The intention of our research and the basic premise of our publications is to present rational perspectives based upon a diligent analysis of historical data. Through organizing the data logically, information can be created. Through understanding and developing perspectives on the information, knowledge is generated. With knowledge, one can then distill insights and based on these start to make informed decisions about the probabilities of various outcomes.


The most practical way to imagine the future is to question the expected, this is best done making use of what we call ‘critical thinking’. Critical thinking is the careful, deliberate determination of whether one should accept, reject or suspend judgment about a claim and the degree of confidence with which one accepts or rejects it. Critical thinking employs not only logic but a broad intellectual criteria such as the one outlined above. Critical thinking requires extensive experience in identifying the extent of one’s own ignorance in a wide variety of subjects which is often captured in the following sentence; I thought I knew, but I merely believed.


As J.F. Kennedy put it; “Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” Our aim is always to avoid this trap of the mind, when one attempts to look into the future one is better of exhibiting a more intellectually humble approach and challenge one’s beliefs and opinions by asking the question; What if we took the opposite view? This leads to a more balanced set of insights in our view.


We hope our work will offer some food for thought and that it can form the basis of future conversations.


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