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"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.

             The second best time is NOW."

                                                                 - Chinese Proverb




Access sophisticated investment solutions with our team of teams: 


We work with an exclusive group of companies, who provides a global range of investment and wealth protection services that we feel offers sophisticated investors with a comprehensive set of solutions. 


We work with these organisations to devise investment solutions that reflect our shared commitment to a foundation of wealth preservation, active value investing focused on absolute returns, and all delivered with a dedication to service and with the client at the center of everything we do.

Together we strive to provide a flexible set of turn-key solutions for global accredited investors, where the whole of our combined efforts is greater than the sum of its parts.

Visit our selection of independent service providers to learn more about how you can harness global trends to enhance and protect your wealth:

Global Investment Strategies:

Alpine Atlantic Global Asset Management AG - An independent Swiss wealth management boutique based in Zurich – Switzerland. The team brings many years of experience in all facets of banking and investments to the table. They are especially skilled in building and managing globally diversified investment portfolio.


They are unique in their commitment to excellent service akin to a dedicated Family Office but with global reach. They are not interested in “quick-fix” engagements with clients but rather in long term partnerships built on mutual trust and cooperation. It is a commitment that we value and share.  Alpine is a registered advisor in Switzerland working with, Non-US, global accredited investors in order to realise their investment and wealth management goals.


Learn more here: 


BFI Infinity Ltd. is part of BFI Capital Group Ltd. – a Swiss wealth management group domiciled in Zug – Switzerland. They have been in business since 1993 and offer an integrated and comprehensive package of wealth management services to wealthy individuals and institutional clients.


They have the know-how and services of a large firm but with the personal dedication and stable relationships of a small firm. They have a proven track record as a result of their expertise and unwavering commitment to their clients, independent thought and long-term global investment strategies. BFI Infinity is a registered advisor in the USA, Canada and Switzerland. 

Learn more here:

Precious Metals solutions:

As avid readers of financial history we heed its lessons and as a result are proponents of the ownership of physical precious metals as part of a broader prudent investment strategy. Gold is the ultimate global currency.

Global Gold AG is our chosen solution provider for global investors. Global Gold was founded on the principle of offering unencumbered, convenient physical ownership of precious metals stored safely in Switzerland. Their service for international clients is built outside of the traditional banking system, thereby providing additional safety and peace of mind.  

Learn more here:

Global Wealth Protection Strategies:


BFI Consulting Ltd. has been in the wealth planning industry, serving clients all around the world, for over 20 years.

The firm's founders share our dedication to delivering personally tailored services that help our international clients with their aspirations of multi-jurisdictional wealth diversification. Their comprehensive range of services integrates the following essential cornerstones:

> Jurisdictional and institutional safety.
> Solid asset protection from creditors and plaintiffs.
> Unrestricted and flexible access to global investments.

> Tax efficiency and compliance.
> Trust, convenience and tranquility founded in a long-term relationship.


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